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Workshop Brewing NZ


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8x 500ml beers from our small batch unfiltered experimental series.

Very Limited Stock

For all you Hop-Heads out there we've put together a mix box of our small batch experimental beers.

Here's what to expect;

WEST COAST NZ PILSNER 4.5 % abv (1.8 SD) - NZ Pilsner’s should showcase the tropical, citrusy, fruity and grassy notes characteristic of New World Aotearoa hops. If you need an excuse to crack the box, start with this one! Low on bitterness, clean, crisp and smashable. 

MOTRA NZ AMBER ALE 5.8 % abv (2.3 SD) - A little experiment with the addition of a couple of extra specialty roast malts from Gladfield. Shepherds delight and Redback malt give this beer a lovely amber-orange hue and a creamy head, dry hopped with some NZ goodness to boost the aroma and flavour complexity.

MANGO X HAZY IPA 6.0 % abv (2.4 SD) - What would you like? You got any Hazy’s? The hazy junkies just keep coming! You’ve made me do it…go on then, get into it and enjoy some subtle mango fruit haze.

SIMOSENNIAL IPA 5.5 % abv (2.2 SD) - A trio of heavy hitting tropical US dry hops…you just need to decide: Do you prefer this Simcoe heavy version, its Mosaic heavy sister Moscencoe, or the bi-hop cousin Mosennial ?

MOSCENCOE IPA 5.5 % abv (2.2 SD) - The same tropical hop combo as above except this one is heavier on Mosaic rather than Simcoe.

MOSENNIAL IPA 5.5 % abv (2.2 SD) - Hang on…what happens if you side-line Simcoe altogether, pump up Mosaic a bit and keep Centennial on the down low?

NECTAMOS IPA 6.2 % abv (2.4 SD) - Come on….jump into the glass…x factor US/NZ combo we reckon….overall favourite in team tasting but don’t take our word for it. Tropical fruit fest and a touch of pine. More please.

DOUBLE UP DIPA 8.0 % abv (3.2 SD) - Load up and party. Motueka heavy with a bunch of classic US hops hanging out the back. Maybe save for this higher abv number for last. 

Brewed in Raglan.

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